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Class of M/C Seal Face
Selection of M/C Seal
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Physical and Chemical properties of SiC material
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Class of Mechanical seal face material  

1. Structure of M/C Seal

  Mechanical Seal structure is consist of Seal Ring, Packing Body

1) Seal Ring : The Seal Ring Face of both Rotary and Stationary Work mutually to perform a primary Seal function which prevents the fluid leak by pumping pressure.
2) Packing : Prevents the fluid leak through rotating axis, Pump shaft on Pump Grand Box which is called Secondary Seal function Selection of material is made with Consideration of chemical, thermal and elastic properties.
3) Body : It is fixed to Pump shaft and rotating in order to perform additional Sealing function by preventing It's Shape selection of material, which is mainly metal is made with consideration of chemical, thermal and elastic properties.

2. Characteristic of M/C Seal Face

  In order to use M/C Seal long time, mutual working material must be durable and lubricative.Those following conditions are generally needed to be a ideal Seal Ring Face

1) High mechanical endurance and lubrication
2) Good chemical endurance
3) High Mechanical strength and low strain in high temperature
4) High parallel, plane and flat degree of Face

3. Class of M/C Seal Face

1) Carbon
Most common material which is suitable for High Velocity and temperature. Rotation and dry rotation Because of it's own chemical endurance and low coefficient of friction

2) SiC (Silicon Carbide)
Fairly good mechanical and chemical endurance, lubrication make it becomes popular. The properties are better than Tungsten Carbide in Mechanically and as same as Teflon in chemically So that it can be used to almost all fluids

3) Tungsten Carbide
High mechanical strength makes it suitable for material working material. It is normally combined with carbon but use only itself when use to slurry containing fluid or Solidification agent containing fluid

4) Al2O3(Ceramic) :
It can be used to almost every fluid due to good chemical and mechanical but It needs to run at low speed because of vulnerability to thermal shock

5) Tungsten carbide coating :
Coats the tungsten carbide powder on to mutual working surface for general use. Some unexpected problems can happen when it is used to high speed rotation device in its surface and endurance Mechanical seal

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