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Hello to all our customers
This is Lim Kwang Ho a CEO of CS Tech
Industrial-products competition is not only exists in domestic but also global so we have keen competition which we have not ever met.

- Durable material
- Products price for competitive
- Applicable technology

We are running for above factors and we have been manufacturing the Mechanical seal with fluid-industrial-field true workers who are our customers for over 20 years During that time, we convert lots of materials and technology which come from foreign companies or joint-venture companies to domestic materials and technology by steady R&D like development of high-tech material SiC and patent-tech development of M/C Seal. so now we have strong competitive power and export to Europe, Central and South America , East and South Asia so trade scale become larger and larger.

Also our company acquired competitive power more than other companies and we have been enlarging our transaction field to chemical, steel, paper, generation of electric power, pharmaceutical and food field. Here after, we promise, we will continuously dash forward with proud of take a part which development of fluid-industrial

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